Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 - A Wrap Up of Abject Neglect

Hi There, Readers,

It's clear to any of you who have tuned in in the past months that I've been quite busy.

To start, I'm now Co-Chair of the Producer's Guild of America's Women's Impact Network which is part of the guild's ongoing efforts to promote diversity and equality of opportunity in the entertainment industry. You can follow PGA WIN on Facebook and Twitter.

That has been keeping me busy with quite a few things, including a panel I moderated at the New York Film Festival: Convergence "Women's Impact: Producing in a convergent world" Criticwire wrote up a lovely summary of the panel with "Five Tips for Female Filmmakers..."

Another big event this year, I left Starlight Runner Entertainment after nearly 10 years and started Caitlin Burns & Associates in April.  There's also a blog there where I'm discussing elements of business, transmedia and upcoming events. 

I'm still giving workshops, lecturing and speaking all over the place. This year I worked on a few high-profile projects that will hit the screens in 2015 (all the screens, so many screens) and pay attention to CB&A's website for updates. 

In addition to working for franchises, brands, social issue campaigns and more, I'm developing a few original properties as well. My big goal for the coming year involves this blog, yes, this very neglected blog. This year I will finally put all this stuff I've been discussing into it's originally intended format - a book. 

So! stay tuned here and to the Facebook Page (which I have posted to way more often than here) as I get down to business of finally putting this thing together, and if you have any tips, questions or challenges feel free to send them my way

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Original Content for Women Thrives Online

Check out my Op-Ed for Stream Daily

Why truly unique women’s programming now thrives online

"On TV, it’s increasingly difficult to find a “hidden gem” that breaks the mold and finds a devoted, niche fanbase — the kind of programming that now exists and thrives online."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Producer's Guild of America launches its Women's Impact Network

The Producer's Guild of America now has it's own portal to connect to initiatives for Women in the Entertainment Industry: The Producer's Guild of America Women's Impact Network!

Check out the profile in this month's Produced By Magazine or Like the Page on Facebook, or Follow the Network on Twitter to hear more about news and initiatives to do with women in media.

I'm one of the East Coast Co-Chairs, so let me know if you know of intertesting information, programs or initiatives for women in the industry.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Transmedia 101 at the Made in NY Media Center

I'm teaching a course, IN NEW YORK! for those of you who have always dreamed of me revealing all of the secrets of the media business to you, your dream is closer than ever! Let me know if you want to attend, and use the code: STARLIGHT75 for a special discount. Spots are limited, sign up now!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Dolls, Ourselves? The History of the American Girl Company

"In July, American Girl announced that it would “archive” Molly, one of the original three characters, as well as Emily, her “best friend,” introduced in 2006. There’s no specific retirement date set, but they’ll likely be gone by the end of this year, Julie Parks, a spokesperson, told me. Molly’s journey to the big doll box in the sky means that none of the earliest three dolls introduced by the manufacturer that launched the American Girl brand, Pleasant Company, will be available. (Samantha was retired in 2009, Kirsten in 2010.) Felicity Merriman, introduced in 1991, has also been archived. Addy Walker is the only character from Pleasant Company’s first ten years of existence that remains in active circulation."

Our Dolls, Ourselves? at The New Yorker

Friday, October 25, 2013

LINKSTORM: Reign and the Female Masturbation Controversey

 Reign courted controversy during it's pilot with a scene where one of Mary Queen of Scots, or as I will now and forever refer to her on this show, Mary Teen of Scots.  This contraversey is not about the show's historicity (which is almost nil, though it is watchable despite, or possibly because of it's extremely loose relationship with facts and period)

The controversy centered on the decision to cut a scene where a fully clothed teenage lady-in-waiting masturbates in a hallway. This is despite some pretty violent poisonings and beheadings, and a fairly racy sex scene with nudity (network tv nudity) that did make the final cut. 

The internet has thoughts, What are Yours? 

 Why female pleasure — not sex — is the real taboo on primetime television
The CW's racy new period drama Reign received criticism last week after the network edited out a female masturbation scene but allowed several other equally explicit scenes to air. In the original, the teen in question and her peers get all hot and bothered after witnessing a bedding ceremony. She finds an empty stairwell and decides to quite literally take matters into her own hands... Singling out female masturbation for censorship gets even more absurd when you consider the graphic stuff on television that is streamed every day without controversy. Consensual, stylized sex scenes between two attractive, heterosexual characters are so abundant they're hardly worth mentioning. And sexual violence is incredibly prevalent in primetime; it is the central premise of shows like Law and Order SVU and CSI, which week after week churn out episodes focused on rape, abduction, and violence against children. [The Week]
"Voyeuristic sex, prolific infidelity, a teenage girl seduced by a grown man — Reign. So too are scenes of extreme violence, including one featuring a decapitated head spewing blood these things are tame enough for the CW's period drama.  But a young woman masturbating? Good heavens, no." [Salon]

"This is not about slamming TV-decency advocates as prudes. If you're against the depiction of sex on TV altogether — particularly on a network aimed largely at teens — fine; I may not agree with you but that's a consistent position and your prerogative. But the idea that masturbation is somehow dirtier and more outrageous than full-on sex is absurd." [TIME]

I can't promise to review every episode, but I will be watching, anyone who wants to join me should hit me up at @Caitlin_Burns on twitter and we can snark together. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Slutoween 2013: Take Back Halloween

So, I usually do a roundup of inappropriate Halloween Costumes, or a roundup of roundups of such costumes, but this year I simply cannot be bothered. Also, SPOILER they're all Sexy Walter White (unless you're a Marvel GIRL!)

Instead, be inspired by:

 Take Back Halloween