Monday, January 26, 2009


So yes, this blog has clearly not been my priority of late, but in the interest of doing SOMETHING, here are some links I've been perusing.

"Strange Girls are the new Manic Pixie Dream Girls"

"TV, Movies and Magazines: What Girls Gotta Watch" and Read from

"Feminist Media in a Time of Economic Trouble"

"Pro-Feminist Media Bias? Show me the Women"

"Media's Effect On Girls: Body Image And Gender Identity"

"Media and Girls" from the Media Awareness Network

girls, women + media project

Reel Girls Media Inc.

Empowering Girls: Media Literacy Resources

Girls Entertainment Network

The Feminist Review

The Feminist Media Project

Girl Gamers Unite!'s Great Movies for Girls List

Yeah, they're a mixed bag, but it's something and well, something is better than nothing. Meanwhile, I plan to get at least one post with some more serious looking together by the end of the week.

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