Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ode: Everything I know I learned from Pepper Ann

"...while it’s true that the Network-television animators who decorated my childhood probably weren’t conspiring to subliminally raise an army of (one?) young feminists, the shifting narrative trends point to a greater societal transformation. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?"

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barbie's "Career of the Year": Mars Explorer

Mattel and NASA Team up to create Mars Explorer Barbie, FINALLY a second doll to play with my daughter's Sally Ride Barbie. Pink or no pink, I could still sleep at night if I bought it for my daughter.

I want to be excited for The White Queen, so I've decided I will be.

Starz's new series The White Queen, premieres this weekend, and takes on a major historical time period from the perspective of the women involved.

While some might say, isn't this a derivitive game of thrones? just like Da Vinci's Demons was a derivative Borgias (or Assassin's Creed?). That's a fair critique I suppose, but for me personally, I'm a fan of getting multiple perspectives on a story. It's what I've based entire career on the appeal of being able to provide a grander narrartive context in different stories. So, it's compelling to see these historical periods explored from different artistic visions. Especially when they're done well.

The fact that the series follows three women negotiating halls of power is quite compelling, and if they only reason you tune in is because Game of Thrones is in the off season and you're mildly inspired to see something about The War of the Roses, hopefully it'll keep you inspired long enough to stay tuned. The fact that there is material that is determining the throughline of miniseries from Philippa Gregory’s War of the Roses trilogy may bode well for the conhearance of its story-arcs.

I have enjoyed Starz forays into long-form drama thus far, and hold a lot of hope for their ability to bring this female-led drama to life. Hopefully inspiring more creators in its wake.