Friday, November 13, 2009

Modern Warfare 2, bring back party chat, for the sake of common decency

My dear friend EruditeChick over at posted about a simple seeming game dynamic that was cut from Modern Warfare 2 and how not having it can be more than just annoying, it can really ruin your buzz.
Dear Infinity Ward:

Please release a patch or fix that will allow users to utilize party chat in all modes of online gameplay, if only for the sake of your female fans. We shelled out the money for the game, we stayed up all night and missed half a day of work playing it, we write and read reviews and buy MW2 caps for our avatars on the XBox Live marketplace.

Out of respect for us, since, sadly, the majority of the people who play your game online have none, give us back party chat so we can enjoy the wonderful evolution of the online play without being told how unwelcome, ugly, stupid, and useless for anything other than degrading sexual acts we are. Please give us back party chat so we can have tactical conversation with the friends we're playing with, without having to hear how we have no right to be there, no right to play; so we don't have to hear, out of the mouths of sexist, bitter virgins who have clocked months worth of their lives in game time that we are socially defunct and sexually wrong, somehow, for playing.

I would really appreciate it.


Seriously, being able to play your game while avoiding someone's trolling is just so reasonable an option to avoid this kind of behavior. People playing multiplayer games are going to be inappropriate at times, but there are obvious ways to mitigate that, i.e. bring in party chat, make the experience more enjoyable for folks who like to play with their friends without being unreasonably hassled. It's not just an issue of misogyny, it's an issue of game enjoyment for everyone.

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