Monday, September 27, 2010

Metroid: Other M

"In short, you're asked to forget that Samus has spent the last 10-15 years on solitary missions ridding the galaxy of Space Pirates, saving the universe and surviving on her own as a bounty hunter. Instead, Other M expects you to accept her as a submissive, child-like and self-doubting little girl that cannot possibly wield the amount of power she possesses unless directed to by a man."
Abbie Heppe's controversial review of the new Metroid game and its main character, Samus can be found here at G4. One of many compelling responses to her article here at the brainy gamer

Beyond the comments from video game players who do not care about story, the battle rages on about how female characters are portrayed in console gaming.


  1. I totally agree with both reviews. It's not like Nintendo was ignorant of Samus' stature in the video game world; she's typically seen as the one solid female role model in a sea of exploitation, fake tits and "aw shucks, thanks boys!" characters.

    Therefore, I think what is a major-platform game should be buried and graded for its lead character becoming an idiot. It's not like this is some project buried on an obscure system, like the horrible Zelda and Mario games on the cd-i; this is a tentpole game for Nintendo, and it'll be part of the canon in the future.

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