Monday, October 25, 2010

Sluttoween 2010: At least they're for adults?

It's October, the leaves are turning and that means it's time for my annual recap of inappropriate Halloween Costumes.
Here's my list of requirements for any costume I buy or make for myself or my kids, it's based on my years as a costume designer, event planner and wearer/buyer of Halloween costumes:
  1. Can one move in it?
  2. Will it be appropriate for the weather?
  3. Is the fabric comfortable enough that I won't claw off my skin?
  4. Will I be visible in the dark? (Especially important for Trick or Treating)
  5. Am I going to be comfortable with what this outfit covers or uncovers? (also think about how it's going to act when you move? will the hemline rise if you walk?)
  6. Is this something I'd want to wear more than once?
The answers to these questions are different for each person and each situation, but if you go in having some sense of what you need from a costume and what you want from a costume you'll end up with one more appropriate for you or for your child than you might if you go in without any ideas. Not every costume is one that you end up wanting to remember forever, and there are still options out there for people who don't want to wear something raunchy for All Hallow's Eve, but make sure that you're not settling for something you don't like just because it's available.
There, words of wisdom, now down to business. 2010!!! the year that these costume companies realized that girl geeks exist... in the oddest way possible.
May the Whores Be With You. 
Vinyl, Cold AND I can't move my arms, WIN!!
I have no words.

Yes, this is meant to be Optimus Prime.
Oh yes, Also, your dog can now be sexy.

Thanks guys, now I'm out of Eye-Bleach.

Of course, girls like Star Wars, Girls Like Transformers, but yeah... these really don't do much to celebrate the characters they claim to portray. "There is plenty of sexy in the world without making stupid things "sexy."" Example: Sexy Chinese Take-Out.

At least the scope of the controversy this year is an aesthetic one about adult costumes, and hopefully a lawsuit about copyright infringement, I seriously hope George Lucas didn't look at these and say "sure." Most grown-ups are making their own costumes choices, as opposed to last year's general outrage over "tween sexy witch and what not"  There is a certain point where splashing a bunch of pictures of young girls in these inappropriate costumes is doing a negative. Let the question of what is appropriate for my child to wear rest with parents, and try to explain that if someone is wearing a stupid looking costume, it's their own business... after giggling.

Final thought, there is a way to do the sexy-character-costume right, and it involves slightly more thought than sticking a trademarked name on a Vinyl bodysuit. Observe this R2D2 swimsuit, a little cold for Halloween, but definitely reasonable pool wear.

As weird as it is, that is a fairly cute swimsuit.
For more insight into what you shouldn't wear for Halloween, Gawker has some great advice; has a solid NSFW recap; And of course

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  1. I thought e R2D2 one-piece was excellent, although I wasn't even considering it in the context of Halloween costumes.

    That whole line seems to have a lot to offer -- flattering, tasteful, and yet still bringing the geeky pop-culture references.