Monday, April 11, 2011

NEXT GENERATION DOCS: Social Media and Cross-Platform Storytelling

Wednesday Apr. 27, 2011

6:30 PM

Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute 

New York University 
20 Cooper Square, 6th Floor  

Hosted By New York Women in Film & Television

Digital technology is changing documentary filmmaking. This month the focus is on docs with digital offspring and a great social strategy.

With millions of people active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, social media has become a new ally during the research and production of a film, and it can keep a project active online long after its launch. The emergence of additional platforms for cross-media storytelling – the Internet, games, mobile TV — is allowing filmmakers to extend their narratives and create completely new ones.  

This panel will explore the potential of all this new technology. We’ll hear how producers harness crowdsourcing techniques (the power of the online crowd) to create innovative projects that deepen documentary storytelling and build social experiences.

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