Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reading List

 Be Sure to check out this ebook,  it contains pearls of wisdom from many interesting people... and me as well. 

Alexandre Brachet (Upian) ; Alexander Knetig (ARTE); Alexis Sarini & Louis Villers (Webdocu.fr) ; Andrew Devigal (The New-York Times); Anne Vierhout (ex-IDFA) ; Arik Bernstein (Alma-Films) ; Brian Storm (Mediastorm) ; Caitlin Burns (Starlight Runner) ; Danae Ringelmann (IndieGoGo); Elizabeth Radshaw (Hotdocs) ; Femke Wolting (Submarine) ; Heather Croall (Sheffield Doc Fest); Hugues Sweeney (ONF/NFB) ; James McQuivey (Forrester Research) ; Jon Reiss (Think Outside the Box Office); Katerina Cizek (NFB) ; Laurence Bagot (narrative) ; Marc Meurisse (Belle); Mark Atkin (Doc-Campus/Crossover) ; Mathieu Détaint & Nicolas Sauret (Inflammable); Nicolas Saint-Cyr (Nikosanto) ; Paul Pauwels (ETMA) ; Peter Wintonick (DocAgora/Eyesteelfilm) ; Rob Ford (FWA); Sheri Candler (Social media consultant) ; Stefano Strocchi (Move production) ; Tamara Krinsky (IDA) ; Tom Koch (PBS). 

Find out more at http://www.notsocrazy.eu/

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