Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wonder Woman: We've come a long way, maybe?

The LA Times asks the question: How far have we come if we still need our female superheroes to look this good in a bustier?

"She may stand for peace and gender equality but she wears hot pants and a vaguely fetish-like metal bodice. She also has a magic lasso, bullet-proof bracelets and an invisible plane. And unlike most of her male counterparts, she is not broken, did not emerge from a place of darkness–whether you go with the original creation (from the clay outside her city) or the later one that anointed her the child of Hippolyta and Zeus, Wonder Woman was raised as an Amazon, fierce as she is beautiful. Even her tiara is multi-tasking–one moment drawing the eye to her flawless forehead, the next taking out a bad guy at his throat."

What do you think about Wonder Woman? Why don't we see her on screen in this new world of film heroes? Is it mysogeny or creativly laziness that has left so many reboots in development hell?

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